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Questions on how to build your dream Garage?


You can call us but...here are some answers to questions we tend hear quite often.
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Q. What sizes do we build?

A. We build whatever size you want. Our most common sizes are usually 24' or 28' wide.
(Wide means the truss width or gabled side) and as long as 24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38 and on and on.
We always use even numbers but it really does not matter if you want an odd size for example 25'x27'.
It may take a little longer to order the truss.


Q. How long does the whole process take?

A. Blueprints take about (3) weeks, permit application takes about (2) weeks and we schedule starting (2) weeks after the permit is issued.
That's (7) weeks to start. It takes (2) days for the site work and foundation and 1-2 days for the garage to be installed.
We build about (1) week after the concrete is poured and this usually takes (1) day. So the answer is it could take almost (2) months or (8) weeks before you get your garage.

Q. How much money do you require to start the process?

A. We ask for a 20% deposit to get started. We order the blue prints and away we go. After the site work is complete including the foundation we ask for an addition 50%.
The remaining balance is not due until we are completely finished with your garage.
*We can start the blueprint process with a smaller deposit($750.00). However we will not order materials or start construction until we receive the required 20% deposit.

Q. What forms of payment do we accept?

A. We accept everything. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash and checks. We even accept PayPal.

Q. Are your garages built to code?

 A. We only build to code and all our garages must be sealed for the state we are building in. We have engineers that stamp New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania

Q.  What is the cost of the 22x36 garage you built for the Jackson¡¯s?

A. This was several years ago and I do not remember all the costs of this garage. It was in the thirties.

Q. Would you be able to build something for us in Chippewa Bay, upper New York State, near Clayton?

A-1. We could do the garage but not the site work and foundation.

A-2. Anything over 200 miles from Lancaster, PA is to far to manage the foundation .

A-3. We will however offer blueprints and the building. If you want us to act as a General Contractor we could find a local Mason in your area and Sub-contract this part out. Some homeowners prefer this as they do not want the hassle of dealing with an additional contractor and want an all in one service.


Q. Do you have availability to build us a garage this spring?

A. We are about (4) weeks out right now. The biggest time killer is getting the prints and permit from the building department after that we usually start in about (3) weeks.


Q. Was the $22k price listed for the Merriam garage the all-in cost?

A. It was at the time however costs have gone up and with the foundation this model would cost closer to $24,000.00


Q. Are your buildings all shipped partially assembled or do you build the larger buildings on the spot? 

A-1. The truss are Pre-engineered  and the main walls are framed up but other then that it is build on site.

A-2.  We build any size you want the process is always the same. Prefabricate the walls and truss's.


1,2 & 3 Car Garages Custom Built. Garage Contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Amish Garage Builders and Amish Road Crew copyright @ 2013trademark

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If You are visiting Lancaster County, PA and would like to see our production shop on the farm, CALL US and we will arrange a tour.

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